H2E's Beginning

H2E’s was founded in the summer of 2009 by Chris Ewert with the simple mission to provide industrial clients with high quality environmental consulting services in the most efficient manner possible. We believed that if efficiency was combined with prudent risk analysis it would be possible to help clients achieve environmental regulatory compliance at a reasonable cost.  We set out with the twin goals of exercising prudence in our own operations by keeping our internal overhead costs very low and of working with clients to provide them with service levels tailored to their specific needs and corporate philosophy regarding environmental compliance.  The successful implementation of these two goals has allowed H2E to build strong working relationships with numerous clients in the regulated community.

Prior to founding H2E, Mr. Ewert had spent the previous 10 years working for and with very talented and dedicated professionals in the environmental consulting field.  The mission of H2E was born from an amalgamation of ideas and practices learned from those professionals.  In the Spring of 2011 Robert Gilson joined H2E as a partner and principal.  Mr. Gilson brought new insight, vigor, and technical expertise that has allowed H2E to expand our level of service to our clients.  

H2E continues to steadily grow and expand the services offered within the environmental field. H2E has offices in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado serving the Rocky Mountain Region.