H2E Staff

Chris Ewert - President

Mr. Ewert is a dynamic leader with over 16 years' experience in the environmental regulatory compliance industry. He has served in numerous roles ranging from field technician to project manager to chief operations officer for multiple environmental consulting firms. Mr. Ewert’s wide range of project experience in the area of environmental regulatory compliance makes him an extremely valuable asset to any project where an environmental regulatory aspect exists.

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Robert Gilson - Vice President\Gillette, WY Office Manager

Mr. Gilson has over ten years' experience as an environmental regulatory and compliance consultant to the oil and gas industry. Starting as a field technician, he consistently performed beyond expectations and quickly advanced to hold roles as an Environmental Professional, Project Manager, and Business Unit Manager at a successful environmental consulting firm. Mr. Gilson’s experience, knowledge and dedication make him a valuable asset to ensuring permitting and compliance projects are successful.

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Kelly Kinsman - Director of Air Permitting and Compliance/Ft. Collins Office Mang.

Mrs. Kinsman brings her diverse scientific, regulatory and management experience to H2E with over 14 years in environmental consulting. Her depth of knowledge and proficiency in Air Quality management ideally suits her to be H2E’s Director of Air Permitting and Compliance. Mrs. Kinsman is highly adept in other areas including but not limited to Water Quality Management, Stormwater Management, Oil Pollution Prevention, Emergency Response Planning and Management, and SARA Title III Management. Her diverse background and leadership skills make her a key member of the H2E Team.

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Stephen Hockett - Project Manager/Westminster, CO Office Manager


Justin Sarvis - Project Manager/Environmental Scientist

Mr. Sarvis is a dynamic member of the H2E team. He has a B. S. degree in Wildlife and Fisheries but has predominantly focused on regulatory compliance for oil and gas operations in the Rocky Mountain Region. He has experience in preparing all aspects of SPCC plans, oil and gas air permitting, state specific storm water compliance and Phase I ESA's. Mr. Sarvis is proficient with electronic field data collection and excels in the role of Environmental Scientist and Project Manager at H2E.

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Emily Martinez, EIT - Environmental Scientist

Emily Martinez is an environmental scientist with six years of combined educational and professional experience in research and environmental consulting. Her education focused heavily on Water Resources and Environmental Quality including many projects on the hydrology of South Dakota and the water quality challenges faced in the West Dakota District.

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Becky Morris, Ph.D. - Environmental Scientist

Dr. Morris is a seasoned environmental scientist in the environmental regulatory compliance industry and has six years of experience in the field of veterinary toxicology. She has an extensive knowledge of the effects contaminants can have in both terrestrial and aquatic environments, as well as the potential for impacts on aquatic, domestic and wildlife species. Her toxicology background provides a unique asset in the environmental regulatory compliance industry. Past roles in this area have ranged from field technician to project manager to Wyoming Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WYPDES) monitoring supervisor.

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Michael Shaffron, P. E. - Environmental Professional

Mr. Shaffron is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 15 years of environmental and process engineering experience in the Oil & Gas industry. He has extensive experience in environmental permitting and compliance, including air emissions permitting of Oil & Gas Upstream Production and Midstream Processing facilities. Mr. Shaffron has also managed SPCC, LDAR, and Waste Management programs.

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Dylan Johnson - Environmental Project Manager

Mr. Johnson brings a combination of work ethic, dedication, enthusiasm and a desire to learn and excel to the H2E team. With an educational background in water resources and soil science, he brings a strong understanding of environmental systems. He has diligently worked to develop H2E's Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) field inspection program. Mr. Johnson has proven to be a quick study and a valuable addition to H2E’s team.

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Paul Arendt - GIS/CAD Specialist

Mr. Arendt understands the importance of details and accuracy when working as an Environmental Technician. He brings a broad range of technical skills to the H2E team with his proficiency in Auto CAD, ArcGIS, ArcPad, Visio and other technical programs used in the environmental field. Mr. Arendt has a Masters Degree in Geography from University of Wyoming, where he worked as a graduate research assistant on a National Park Service funded project based in Dinosaur National Monument. The combination of academic and industry experience gives Paul a unique perspective on environmental issues in the Intermountain West stemming from oil and gas development.

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Sara Mason - Environmental Professional

Mrs. Mason is a highly experienced Environmental Professional with over 11 years working as an environmental consultant on projects throughout Wyoming and Colorado. She has a vast knowledge of permitting for coal bed methane and traditional oil and gas operations. She has prepared and successfully obtained over 300 permit applications through five regulatory agencies. Mrs. Mason is experienced with state reporting including the WYPDES discharge monitoring reports, as well as agricultural use permit reporting (i.e. soil and crop). She is a seasoned Project/ Client Manager and provides a level of expertise required to ensure complex permitting projects are successful.

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H2E Technicians:

Alyssa Hintz - Environmental Technician (LDAR)

John Jarding - Environmental Technician

Jordan Lukkes - Environmental Technician

Luke Paulson - Environmental Technician

Matthew Hess - Environmental Technician

Michael Berdeaux - Environmental Technician

Nathan Wilson - Environmental Technician

Nicholas Hall - Environmental Technician

Paul Smidt - Environmental Technician

Teresa Malson - Lead Environmental Technician

Travis Groves - Environmental Technician (LDAR)


Additional Staff

H2E employees additional part time, support staff, interns, and/or seasonal employees.